Hi!  I'm a Monmouth County, New Jersey based animal massage therapist, author, writer, and photographer. I work with horses and dogs daily and have a great love and respect for them.  I love capturing the unique relationship between us and our animals. 

Please contact me if you are interested in booking a private photo session. I've listed the types of a packages available below and please visit my portfolio. Thank you! 

Heather Wallace


I provide high-quality photography, photoshoots and images, for your marketing campaign, website, or personal use. Please contact me for pricing at heather@bridleandbone.com

Equestrian photoshoot

Photo session for your family with or without pets

Holiday cards

Horse shows

Professional images for your website

Marketing/ Media Purposes

Marketing Photoshoot

Professional photos with your product or employees for your website or marketing campaign. Individual photos or gallery option available. Commercial license applies. Contact me for pricing and availability. 

Equestrian Photoshoot 

Grand Champion: Private photography session perfect for commercial photo shoots, editorials, barn promotion, and horse shows.  Private photo gallery. Additional images available for additional fee.

Blue Ribbon: Private photography session with you and your horse or dog. 2 outfits. Up to 25 digital images in a private photo gallery and on flash drive.  Personal use license. 

Red Ribbon: Private photography session. No outfit changes. Up to 10 digital images in a private photo gallery and on flash drive. 

Yellow Ribbon: Mini photoshoot with your horse or dog. 20 minutes, up to 5 digital images included in the session price. Perfect for holiday cards. 

Individual Images

I often attend horse shows, dog walks, etc. Individual images are available for sale for commercial and personal use. If you would like me to attend an event to photograph you and your animal, the personal photoshoot rate will apply. 

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